FittaMamma: THE fit pregnancy experts

Designed by women so you can exercise with style and confidence throughout your pregnancy and beyond.

We’re passionate about encouraging women to stay fit during pregnancy, keeping active, eating well and preparing themselves for bringing a new baby into the world. An active pregnancy brings so many benefits …and most importantly, it benefits your baby too.

We believe if you look after yourself, you’ll be strong enough to look after others.

Our Story

Back in 2012 FittaMamma founder Alexandra McCabe saw pregnant women consigned to the back of the gym, working in out in baggy joggers and over-sized T-shirts.

There was simply no fitnesswear available to support and accommodate the changes a woman’s body goes through during and after pregnancy.

It was easy to see why so many women gave up exercising despite medical advice that staying active benefits both mother and baby, giving you the strength, stamina and fitness you need for labour and parenthood.

With plans for her own family on the horizon she was keen to find out how she could look good, feel good and continue to stay fit when she became pregnant..and with nothing available resolved to design her own range.

FittaMamma was born to support Mammas-to-be with style and confidence throughout pregnancy and beyond.

Support, support, support

FittaMamma activewear supports where you need it. Tops and leggings to support your gorgeous baby bump, your achy back and your burgeoning boobs. Super stretchy waist bands to hug your hips and hold you close when your joints start to loosen.

We even developed our own high performance fabric to make absolutely sure it would stretch and support throughout pregnancy, retaining its shape whilst you regain your shape after your baby is born. Buttery smooth against your skin, our fabric wicks moisture and dries quickly.

But during pregnancy it’s not just your bump that needs support. FittaMamma is available with advice and workouts, recipes and our online magazine to support you 24/7 throughout your pregnancy.

Now with a lively two year old and another baby on the way Alex fully embraces all the benefits that staying fit and staying supported bring to being a Mamma herself.

Alex says, ‘I love wearing FittaMamma tops and leggings and I’m super proud to workout in the maternity fitnesswear we’ve created.

Who run the world….Mammas!

We’re proud to have made a real difference to so many pregnancies. Our maternity fitnesswear has supported, lifted and held all shapes and sizes of pregnancy bumps all around the world. Our range has given thousands of women the confidence to continue to exercise as they become mothers, doing their best for themselves and their baby.

Every woman who wears our supportive fitnesswear is helping to encourage other women that staying active during pregnancy is a positive move for themselves and for their baby. I hope you’ll join me in working out for the future.’
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