Fit Pregnancy Inspiration - Marathon Mamma, Beatie

maternity running clothes for marathon mamma

Beatie took up marathon running to help get her body back in shape after having four children….and then discovered she was pregnant with her fifth baby.  Undeterred she competed in the Tel Aviv marathon when she was six months pregnant, clocking up a fantastic finishing time of 4.08! 

Beatie’s tips for pregnant runners 

‘Start off slowly to make sure your body is properly warmed up and spend some time stretching as part of your cool down routine.  And pay attention to your cadence…. smaller more frequent steps, especially when running up hills can make a huge difference to running when you’re pregnant. 

Drink plenty of water before and after your runs, carb up beforehand and have a high protein snack when you’ve completed your run.  I find it works to use gels along the way to keep me fuelled’. 

What FittaMamma maternity exercise clothes she wore 

Beatie layered a long sleeved running top with a FittaMamma ‘Me & My Baby Running Together’ vest. She wears a running skirt for modesty but also wore supportive FittaMamma Capris to hold her baby bump securely. 

How our maternity exercise clothes worked for Beatie Deutsch 

An inspirational maternity running top makes a positive statement of intent, boosting your confidence when you run.  Beatie looked amazing as she crossed the finishing line of the marathon with her daughter joining her for the last stretch wearing a FittaMamma headband!