A sports bra for my bump?
Why the FittaMamma Maternity Fitness vest so special

We’re often asked why the FittaMamma Ultimate maternity fitnesswear vest is so special.


Why would I choose this top in preference to your maternity activewear vest?  


Or even wouldn’t it make more sense to simply buy a bigger version of my usual pre-pregnancy fitnesswear?  


Women who purchase the Ultimate top and try it on understand immediately what makes it special ….but it’s not always easy to see the difference when you’re browsing online.  Those few seconds when you’re flicking through your mobile phone are not always enough to showcase what is absolutely the best high impact maternity workout top available.


My job here is to explain exactly what sets this vest apart from anything else in your pregnancy wardrobe!

Support, support and support!


We all know the difference a good quality sports bra makes when you’re running, working out or doing any other high impact exercise.  Without the bra your boobs have a bounce of their own. With the bra they feel firmly in place, ready to deal with whatever exercise you choose.


Of course you need the same level of support for your precious baby bump.  


We designed our Ultimate maternity workout vest to support your bump in the same way your bra supports your boobs.  Firm but stretchy fabric, supportive panels, the unique cross back technology that helps to transfer the weight of the bump onto your back and shoulders where you have more natural strength and a wide, stretchy band holding snugly underneath your baby bump.


Once we were confident that the design does exactly what every active pregnant woman needs we had the Ultimate range independently tested to prove it works.  Under lab conditions our Ultimate maternity workout clothes demonstrated a 48% reduction in bump bounce compared to ordinary fitnesswear.  That’s 48% MORE support for your precious baby bump.

Support for your boobs as well.


The soft inner bra built into the maternity sportswear top is designed to provide that little extra lift that you need.


 We’re firm believers in giving your Cooper’s ligaments as much help as possible and would recommend you team our Ultimate pregnancy workout gear with our high impact maternity and feeding sports bra.  However, we know that some of our customers find the soft inner bra and firm outer fabric of the vest provides sufficient support to keep your breasts under control.


Ultra-runner Sophie Carter continued to wear her Ultimate running vest after giving birth to twins, and found it gave ample support, even without a bra.  She said:

 ‘it’s very comfortable for breast feeding, I find it easy to pull the bra bit up to feed during or after a buggy run.’



Eases pressure on your pelvic girdle


The firm waistband on the Ultimate maternity workout top is designed to sit firmly around your hips and pelvis.  It helps to lift the weight of your baby off your pelvic floor, easing the pressure on your bladder. It’s like a hug for your hips, holding you close.  When the relaxin kicks in and your joints start to loosen you’ll understand just why this feels so good!  


Are you suffering from SPD or pelvic girdle pain?


Wearing our supportive maternity fitnesswear will make all the difference – it’s what every pregnant woman deserves.

Exercise is GOOD for your baby

Staying active during pregnancy isn’t simply something you do for yourself – it’s important for your baby too. Babies born to women who exercise tend to develop faster, have improved long term vascular health and are more likely to exercise themselves later in life.  Recent studies have shown that exercise during pregnancy can boost your baby’s lung function, helping to stave off asthma.


Wearing maternity fitnesswear that supports your body and improves your comfort will help you to maintain your exercise routine throughout pregnancy.  So many of our customers let us know that they continued to exercise right up to their due date, thanks to wearing FittaMamma Ultimate maternity sportswear.


‘I am still doing my workout a few times a week on the treadmill.  Not running quite as far or quite as fast but I would NEVER have been able to keep up my fitness regime without your terrific product’  Zoe, FittaMamma Customer

FittaMamma’s Ultimate High Impact Maternity Fitnesswear is absolutely the best choice for runners

More and more women are running, with studies showing that women now account for more than half of regular runners. It’s easy to see why …running needs no special equipment beyond your running gear and a good pair of shoes, a run can be fitted in around other commitments and can be done anytime, anywhere.  


And you CAN continue to run during  pregnancy.  It’s good for you and good for your baby.  


Investing in the best available high impact running vest means you give yourself absolutely the best chance to enjoy running  for as long as you choose.   Here’s a thought! How often do you run?  Even if you only use your Ultimate running vest for six months that’s just £2.50 a week to ensure your pregnancy runs are comfortable and supported! It’s the best investment in you and your baby you could make!


And absolutely the best choice for any high impact workouts


The level of support the FittaMamma Ultimate maternity workout vest provides will provide all the support you need for any high impact workout during pregnancy, whether you prefer to work out at home, in the gym or maintain your training for netball or other team sports.   The level of stretch makes it perfect for Pilates, yoga or cycling too.  

FittaMamma’s Ultimate Maternity Workout Vest …chosen by Olympic athletes and fitness professionals

High Impact Ultimate Maternity Sportswear Top
Your fit pregnant body deserves all the support you can give it right now Mamma.  That’s why we designed our High Impact Ultimate Maternity Sportswear Top to act as a sports bra for your beautiful bump
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