FAQ’s about FittaMamma Maternity Sportswear

Need more info about our maternity fitnesswear and how our range supports your active pregnancy? We’ve answered your most frequently asked questions.


Couldn’t I just buy a bigger size of my ‘normal’ sportswear?

You could of course! But you’d be sacrificing the benefit of the support that will keep you exercising throughout your pregnancy.  Think sports bra for your bump – our maternity sportswear will lift and hold throughout your pregnancy so you can exercise with style and comfort, your baby bump, back and boobs held securely.  If you’re serious about fitness you’ll know the difference your sports bra makes – transfer that level of support and comfort to your baby bump and you’ll understand immediately why you need supportive fitnesswear during pregnancy.

And, whilst your body is going through so many changes it’s good to feel positive about the way you look too!  Going up a size is not the most flattering option.

What size should I buy?  And will I have to buy a bigger size as my bump gets bigger?

As a general rule you should buy your normal pre-pregnancy size but if in doubt, go slightly larger.  For instance if you are on the 12 side of a 10-12 go for the medium not the small.  Our maternity sportswear is designed to stretch and grow as you get bump gets bigger, it will fit throughout your pregnancy and regain it’s shape whilst you regain yours.  Our leggings are especially flattering and comfortable for postnatal wear,  many of the FittaMamma team are still wearing their leggings years after their baby was born!

Do I need to wear a sports bra under your tops?

We’ve included an inner bra on the Ultimate maternity fitness top, the High Support Top and the Workout Support Top.  Our inner bras are designed to supplement your favourite sports bra rather than replace it, especially for high impact activities such as running.  Your breasts will inevitably increase in size as your pregnancy progresses and doubtless get even bigger after your baby is born – it’s well worth giving them all the support they deserve.

Did you know?

Your Cooper’s Ligaments support your breasts but over time they can stretch, causing your breasts to droop and lose their shape.  The size and weight of your breasts can strain the ligaments and unfortunately it’s a one-way stretch, they won’t regain their structural integrity.  The more support you can give your breasts, the better – supplementing your sports bra with the additional support our tops offer will help keep them secure – your boobs deserve it!

What makes your pregnancy fitness leggings different to ‘ordinary’ maternity leggings?

Active pregnant women are at the heart and soul of the FittaMamma ethos – our maternity leggings offer the ultimate in comfort and support.   The waist panel is not only super-stretchy with a high elastane content to fit throughout your pregnancy it’s also double thickness so it holds your baby bump firmly when you exercise.  It’s high enough to pull up over your bump, but can be rolled down to sit underneath, depending on which trimester or postnatal stage you’re at, what exercise you’re doing and where it feels most comfortable and supportive.  The waist panel is just as high at the back too, holding your lower back and supporting where you need it.

What makes your ‘Ultimate’ leggings different to your ‘standard’ range?  

We produced the Ultimate range in response to feedback from customers who wanted leggings in a high performance sports fabric, with even more technical performance features.  The biggest difference is the fabric – it’s a man-made performance fabric with excellent moisture-wicking and a high elastane content to stretch and support you throughout your pregnancy.   There are breathable mesh panels behind your knees to help keep you cool ….they look cool too! We’ve included a discreet additional band just under your bump too, to help lift and hold the weight of your baby and a concealed pocket in the back for keys and change.

The standard range is made from a cotton fabric with a super-stretchy, high elastane content.   They have a similar high waist panel which holds your bump firmly and securely for exercise - but they don’t have the additional performance features of our Ultimate fitness leggings.

These are probably a better choice if you want to wear them as everyday maternity leggings – they look great under a jumper or a tunic top. 

At what stage of pregnancy would you advise switching to FittaMamma maternity gymwear?

You’ll notice the changes in your body quite early in your pregnancy.  Many of our customers tell us they wish they’d switched earlier, no-one has ever said ‘I wish I’d waited longer before buying your clothes’!   Why endure the discomfort of leggings that are tight round your belly and fall down when you bend down?  Or tops that ride up over our bump and don’t offer any support?  We would suggest you wear our tops from around 10 weeks onwards – they’re designed to stretch and support throughout your pregnancy. 

What about after my baby is born?  Can I wear FittaMamma gear for postnatal exercise?

For most women it takes a while to get your pre-baby bod back –  those 9 months of change can take up to 9 months to reverse.  The FittaMamma range is designed to wear for postnatal exercise too.  The firm waist panel on FittaMamma capris and leggings will help hold your ‘mummy tummy’ together, encouraging your abdominal muscles to knit back together if you’re suffering from diastasis recti. Our range is also very flattering, smoothing your curves so you feel good about the way you look. 

I have a planned C-section – do you have any recommendations?

Absolutely! Our standard maternity leggings are a MUST! They are soft against your skin, don’t have irritating seams to aggravate your scar and will help hold your belly whilst it heals.

Couldn’t I just wear a belly band?

Our maternity sportswear incorporates all the support and comfort of a belly band – whilst being designed specifically for women who choose to stay active during pregnancy.  They won’t ride up, roll down, bunch up or rub….whether you’re working out or simply wearing them for work.  They are REALLY comfortable and there’ nothing to stop you living in your maternity activewear!

Where should the waistband on the tops sit?  I don’t have a waist anymore!

The waistband is actually designed to sit around your hips, underneath your baby bump. You’ll really see the benefit of the band as your pregnancy progresses and the hormone relaxin starts to loosen your joints in preparation for birth.  The firm elastic is designed to hug your hips, holding them more firmly to help if you’re suffering from pelvic girdle pain.  At the same time the band sits under your baby so it lifts and holds the weight, easing the pressure on your pelvis.

What is FittaMamma maternity sportswear made from?

For the Ultimate range we’ve chosen a high-performance sports fabric that will easily wick moisture away from your body, combined with mesh panels for enhanced sweat wicking where it’s most important.  The mesh is behind your knees in the leggings and under your breasts on the top, combined with a mesh back to keep you cool during exercise.  The actual fabric is a man-made fibre (polyester) with a high elastane content for maximum stretch.   The inner bra is made from a soft polyamide which feels good against your skin.  It’s easy to wash at a low temperature and doesn’t need ironing.

All our other maternity sportswear is made from soft cotton with a high elastane content to make sure it’s super-stretchy and holds and retains its shape.


 So what does ‘cross-back technology’ mean?

It’s a unique design feature that helps to make our maternity fitnesswear even more supportive.  The hidden cross is designed to support your back, helping to lift the weight of your bump onto your back and shoulders where you are naturally stronger. Improving your posture and encouraging you to stand tall avoids the ‘D’ bend in your lumbar region – helping to avoid backache as your bump gets bigger.

I HATE itchy seams, my skin is very sensitive

The Ultimate range has lovely flat seams with nothing to chafe or irritate.  The no-chafe finish feels good against your sensitive pregnant skin.  We’ve even avoided itchy stitched-in labels, it’s a small detail but one that we think you’ll appreciate.

What’s the point of the silicone strip on the inner waistband of your Ultimate tops?

When you bend and stretch that silicon strip is an added precaution to make sure the fabric of the tops doesn’t slip and slide against the fabric of the leggings. We want to make absolutely sure the top doesn’t ride up when you reach up – it’s another little detail designed to make our maternity sportswear the best option for your pregnancy workout

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