Advice for running while pregnant

Advice for running while pregnant
June 30, 2017 Sophie Wishart

Running while pregnant is easy and a great way to enjoy a fit pregnancy, read our advice on safe prenatal running!

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There are plenty of reasons why people take up running and for most healthy women there’s no reason not to continue to enjoy running while pregnant!

Running while pregnant is fantastic cardiovascular exercise that’s easy and inexpensive. You might not want to start on a gruelling programme of marathon training – but if you are a regular runner before you became pregnant there’s no reason not to carry on running just as long as it feels comfortable to do so. Anyone asking the question ‘can I run pregnant?’ the answer is ‘yes!’​

Accept the fact that you might not run quite so often, quite so far or quite as fast as your heart is already working that extra bit harder to supply blood to your baby.
Make sure you warm up and cool down effectively. A good warm up dilates your blood vessels ensuring your muscles are well supplied with oxygen whilst at the same time raising the temperature of your muscles for optimum flexibility and increasing your heart rate to minimize stress on your heart.
Important when you’re not pregnant, warming up is even more essential when you exercise during pregnancy and you’re looking after your baby’s heartbeat as well as your own. Cooling down and stretching out allows your heart rate, blood pressure and body temperature to gently get back to normal – avoiding the light headedness than can happen if you simply stop.

A few things to bear in mind:

  • Warm up before your run and cool down afterwards
  • Don’t push yourself too hard – remember you should be able to hold a conversation whilst exercising during pregnancy
  • A good pair of running shoes is advisable as you don’t want to slip, with cushioned socks for comfort
  • Wear a well-designed maternity sports bra and ideally a supportive maternity top to keep your bump under control as you run – the FittaMamma High Support Pregnancy Exercise Top is designed with runners in mind.
  • When you reach the stage that you can’t see your feet it might be time to switch to another form of exercise!
  • Your ligaments soften in preparation for the birth and the risk of injury slightly increases as your joints loosen up
  • Intense exercise can affect your baby’s heart rate but your body and your baby will both cope with this much better if regular exercise is part of your normal routine. Pay attention to your baby’s movements after a run – baby should still be active too!
  • Avoid over-heating – don’t run in very high temperatures and wear breathable or wicking materials to keep your body temperature below 102 degrees F
  • If you are new to running or anxious about continuing to run when pregnant have a chat with your doctor or midwife before you start
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