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Hello, I’m Alex McCabe, founder of FittaMamma and mum to three year old Ben and newborn Arnie.  


I’m passionate that staying fit during pregnancy will improve your health and well-being, prepare you for labour (the single most physical event you’ll ever go through) and make you stronger for your newborn.


FittaMamma was conceived to support Mammas-to-be to stay strong and active, to exercise throughout pregnancy and do ABSOLUTELY the best thing for mum and baby.

We’ve created the most supportive range of maternity and postnatal activewear available, offering a staggering 48% reduction in bump bounce and lifting the weight of the baby off your pelvic floor.


But my aim is to support your every step of the way, with pregnancy specific exercises and workouts, expert advice and regular hints, tips and information right throughout your nine month journey and the crucial postnatal period too.


After you enter this competition we will send you resources to help inspire you on your active pregnancy journey. Workouts, recipes, interviews, access to experts - everything you need to feel informed, inspired and empowered! 😍


‘I knew that staying active would help me feel better during pregnancy and make my delivery easier but I was anxious about how to keep my pelvic floor strong.  This simple guide has really helped. Finding activewear that fits and look good was a bonus!’

Jenna, Plus-size Mamma-to-be


‘I was terrified of the effect that pregnancy would have on my pelvic floor – you hear so many horror stories. This guide is so reassuring and helpful, I can do the exercises anywhere. Thanks so much FittaMamma! I went in to labour feeling confident and prepared '

Bhavna, new Mamma-to-be

‘By staying fit and active during pregnancy,  my delivery was quick and easy since I was already in shape. It’s also helped immensely for a quick recovery.  The support from FittaMamma, workouts, expert advice and of course the clothes has been invaluable’.

Hannah, New Mum


‘I’m so glad I downloaded this guide and found your website.  I wasn’t sure how to exercise safely during my pregnancy but all the information and advice you provide has given me the confidence to stay active.  I absolutely love your fitnesswear too…it’s so comfortable and looks amazing.’

Rachel, First Pregnancy

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