Stock FittaMamma Maternity Activewear

The FittaMamma range was created to hold and support the baby bump, empowering women to stay active with style and comfort throughout their pregnancy.

FittaMamma activewear incorporates the best in clothing technology to ensure that pregnant women look good, feel good and can exercise with style and confidence.

Years of work in the design of the range has resulted in a unique range of products that your customers will love to wear.

We are always interested to hear from high quality trade customers across the globe who would like to sell the FittaMamma range and share the potential our unique brand could bring to your business.

Why stock the Fittamamma range?

  • You could have an agreed area to operate in without competition
  • Our products are unique, providing support for bump, back and breasts during and after pregnancy
  • Our range is designed for all levels and types of pregnancy and postnatal exercise, including running, gym workouts, classes, yoga and everyday activities
  • Our products are high quality using premium high-performance fabrics and finishes
  • We are constantly looking to bring new products to market
  • It’s not just our clothes that are supportive – we offer support, encouragement and extensive information around health and well-being in pregnancy
  • As a customer you would be dealing with a company that cares about its trade partners and is passionate about upholding the image of the FittaMamma brand.

Would you like to know more?

Email and introduce yourself – we’d love to hear from you.

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