What To Wear For Pregnancy Yoga

What To Wear For Pregnancy Yoga
February 19, 2020 Nicola Barnes

 Be prepared for pregnancy yoga

A gentle and effective way to keep fit, pregnancy yoga has so many benefits for Mammas-to-be! It provides all the advantages of strengthening, stretching and toning with the added bonus of calming the mind and preparing your body for labour. You’ll find the breathing techniques you practise during a prenatal yoga session really helpful when you give birth and you’ll be glad of the improvements to your strength and flexibility as well.

Joining a pregnancy yoga class does have the advantage of making sure you practise the poses correctly and of course it’s a great way to meet other mums-to-be – but yoga needs minimal equipment and you can easily roll out your mat and practise at home.

Feel good about fitting in a few poses every day to maintain your health and wellbeing during pregnancy.

pregnancy yoga clothes

What to wear for your pregnancy yoga class

Whilst you might be advised that ‘loose, comfortable clothing’ is ideal for yoga – the truth is, when you’re pregnant ‘loose and comfortable’ can mean ‘loose and lose it’.  No-one wants leggings that fall down when you bend down, or a loose top that falls loosely around your head, baring your baby bump to the world when you practise downward dog pose!

Well-fitting maternity yoga clothes will support your baby bump and support your dignity too.

The FittaMamma Exercise top is deceptively simple but its longer length and stretchy fabric will gently support and cover your bump. Soft cotton makes it feel good against your skin too.  It looks super stylish in plain black …or choose one of our limited range of gentle, summer colours.

FittaMamma Maternity Exercise Vest

The ‘Mamaste’ yoga vests is perfect for your yoga class – same support, same price, specially created for pregnant yoga bunnies.


For optimum style and support for activity during pregnancy the FittaMamma Ultimate Collection ticks all bases.  Independently tested and proven to reduce bump bounce by almost 50% these award-winning fitnesswear tops and leggings have plenty of stretch and flex for prenatal yoga.

FittaMamma Ultimate Collection

For all round, everyday support, our Maternity Workout Support Top holds your baby bump and burgeoning boobs whilst still allowing maximum flexibility, stretching when you stretch.  It’s a lovely comfortable option that’s ideal for any exercise or everyday wear.

workout support top

The FittaMamma range of maternity exercise leggings all include a deep supportive waist panel that holds your bump and lower back and ensures you won’t be trying to hitch up your leggings when you should be concentrating on your yogic breathing.  The FittaMamma Maternity Yoga Pants have all the support at the top with a more relaxed fit on the legs – currently available in limited sizes in the FittaMamma sale for only £18.99. Choose the FittaMamma  maternity exercise leggings or maternity Capris if you prefer a traditional close fit on your legs.

FittaMamma Leggings
prenatal yoga with candace

A few other useful items for practising pregnancy yoga at home

  • A yoga mat provides you with additional padding and your own individual non-slip surface.
  • Blocks can help, especially if you’re new to yoga. It makes it easier to achieve some of the poses, giving additional support, lift and help whilst you improve your flexibility
  • Yoga belts or straps are also a good idea for prenatal yoga, helping to prevent over-stretching your joints

Need any more good reasons to practise prenatal yoga?

  • Studies have shown that women who practise yoga during pregnancy are less likely to develop high blood pressure or go into premature labour.
  • Many ‘asanas’ will help create more space in your pelvis for your baby and can help ease pregnancy back pain.
  • Pregnancy yoga soothes the mind, refocusing your energy and helps you to prepare psychologically for your baby’s birth.
  • There are a number of poses that can assist or even speed up labour, easing your baby’s entry into the world – and help speed recovery after the birth as well.
  • Breathing techniques can be invaluable during labour, helping you to relax and manage pain.
  • Visit FittaMamma Active Pregnancy for many simple, easy to follow beneficial yoga poses
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