Fit Pregnancy Inspiration – Shana Sturgell

Fit Pregnancy Inspiration – Shana Sturgell
March 11, 2020 Sophie Wishart

An active plus size pregnancy 

Shanna enjoying an active plus size pregnancy

Fitness at all sizes, at all levels

Fitness, even pregnancy fitness, is often associated with ultra lean, toned bodies that can set unrealistic expectations for many women.  But FittaMammas come in all shapes and sizes and the lovely Shanna is proud to showcase her active plus size pregnancy.

When busy hairdresser Shanna and husband Bruce decided to have a third child she made time to get her body back in shape pre-conception and stayed active throughout her pregnancy.

Shanna enjoying an active plus size pregnancy

Shanna’s motivation for training during pregnancy

Shanna says, ‘Exercise is a great stress reliever and it’s good to feel strong and appreciate all that your body can do.’  Keeping her family fit is strong motivator for Shanna and she loves including her children when she exercise but for her staying fit is a long term lifestyle plan.  She says ‘ I want to live a long, healthy life with my three children and it’s important that I can keep up, whether we are running around at the playground or taking a bike ride. But it’s not just about the kids, or exercise during my pregnancy, staying fit is a long term lifestyle plan.  I want to feel good after my kids are grown and move out of the house. My husband and I have some adventures to take!’

plus size pregnancy running clothes

What she wore

Shanna wore a grey FittaMamma High Support top teamed with three quarter length maternity fitness Capris.

How FittaMamma activewear worked for her

The outfit really flatters her curvy shape, giving extra support for her baby bump, back and boobs.  Shanna preferred the Capris to the full length maternity leggings as she is quite short and the Capris are a comfortable mid-calf length, which she really liked.  Shanna wore her maternity fitnesswear for her regular runs, loving the way the top stayed in place during her warm up sessions too!

Plus size pregnancy fitness with shanna

A final word from Shanna about enjoying an active plus size pregnancy

‘I’m really proud that my body is so strong and capable! There were times it didn’t feel strong and I worked with it slowly to build up strength and stamina.  Of course there are times when I struggle with different parts of it but I remind myself what it has done for me and what I can do.  I believe it’s important to recognise your strengths, feel good about yourself and not be afraid to get up, get out and work out!’


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If she can do it, you can do it mamma!


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