FittaMamma Fitnesswear – the athletes choice

FittaMamma Fitnesswear  – the athletes choice

sarah storey pregnancy exercise

Dame Sarah Storey

14 times gold medal Paralympian

Sarah wore FittaMamma gear to train during her first pregnancy and chose the Ultimate Range for her second pregnancy.  She says: “Staying fit and healthy in pregnancy is important for so many reasons. Your baby will benefit from you being fit and healthy as they are less likely to struggle with their own weight as they grow. The other positives are to the way you feel. Exercise helps with confidence and the endorphins provide that sense of happiness and calm. I trained throughout my first pregnancy and am following a similar plan this time too. Listening to your body, wearing suitable clothing and having a smile on your face are my 3 top tips for exercise in pregnancy.”

performance maternity workout clothes

Professional dancer with the Royal Ballet

Tara looked amazing dancing during pregnancy,  teaming her FittaMamma Ultimate fitnesswear with a tutu! She shares her top tips for safe prenatal exercise:

1. Listen to your body. It’s doing a lot of hard work to begin with during pregnancy, and it will tell you when something is not right and you’ll feel great when you’re doing something it has loved!

2. Wear comfortable clothing. The last thing you want as your body and bump are growing is for clothes to feel too tight!  The FittaMamma range accommodates for these prenatal changes and gives you all the support in all of the right places at the same time.

3. Have fun!  Choose an activity that you enjoy and the benefits will rise even more!

amy Williams pregnant Olympian thumbnail

Amy Williams MBE

Winter Olympics Gold Medallist

Amy wore FittaMamma exercise gear throughout her second pregnancy.  She says ‘Exercise is really important to me but my routine could easily be followed by other Mammas-to-be! I walk as much as possible each day and try to fit in regular HIIT or body circuit sessions, aiming for at least three times a week.  These last between 15 -45 minutes – if you don’t have time for a longer session it’s better to try and fit in a few 15 minute workouts.  Stretching is really important too, and I like to include yoga when I have childcare available.’

Helen Ward

International footballer:

As my bump got bigger and more noticeable, it became apparent that people thought I was crazy – and it was those kinds of reactions that prompted me to champion other women who have also kept up their own exercise and fitness regimes. Pregnancy isn’t an illness, it’s a wonderful and life changing thing, but doesn’t mean your life has to stop.

Helen supported our ‘Pregnant Not Powerless’ campaign, proudly wearing her FittaMamma vest.

beatie deutsch fittamamma

Beatie Deutsch

Marathon Runner and mother to five

Beatie teamed her FittaMamma vest and maternity fitness capris with a long sleeved top and a running skirt when she ran the Tel Aviv marathon during pregnancy.

She says, ‘Committing to run a marathon whilst pregnant really motivated me to keep training. And I enjoy running so it wasn’t hard. I didn’t do any shorter races but with marathon training you really can’t miss any runs if you want to be properly prepared.’

pregnant not powerless exercise top pole fit

Charlotte Robertson

UK Elite Pole Champion:

Elite Pole dancer Charlotte was an avid supporter of the FittaMamma Pregnant Not Powerless campaign, saying “Staying active during pregnancy isn’t about how hard you push but about moving your body to create a healthier future for you and your baby. I exercised before being pregnant to make me feel good so why wouldn’t I continue for the same reasons during!? I am now working at a way lower intensity but it’s still gives me that feel good factor. Listen to your body and do what feels good for you! Here’s to being #pregnantnotpowerless”


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