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Snacks and Energy Boosters

Healthy snacks pregnant women

Healthy pregnancy snack recipes! Use these delicious recipes as part of you healthy pregnancy diet for tasty treats and energy boosters!

Healthy granola breakfast recipe

A heathy breakfast to keep you energised! Packed with nuts and served with fruit is a yummy boost for your essential pregnancy vitamins as well!

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Healthy pancakes with blueberries

A treat breakfast that's nourishing, slow release energy and a perfect addition to your healthy pregnancy diet! Its also super easy to make!

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Winter warmer porridge

Need a warming vitamin packed breakfast options for your healthy pregnancy diet? These porridge recipes are packed with nutrients, try them all!

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Oatie bars with nuts and dates

Looking for a yummy, healthy pregnancy snack? Our oatie bars are a simple addition to your healthy pregnancy diet and ideal pre workout fuel!

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Bircher Muesli FittaMamma-Style

Looking for breakfasts for your healthy pregnancy diet? This Bircher Muesli recipe is a delicious start to the day or as a healthy pregnancy snack!

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Healthy plum and ginger porridge

The perfect breakfast to include in your healthy pregnancy diet. This plum porridge recipe is full of prenatal nutrients and will keep you full all morning!

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Pumpkin porridge healthy breakfast

Try a new breakfast recipe to fit with your healthy pregnancy diet plans! Pumpkin Porridge autumn warmer, slow energy release packed with prenatal vitamins!

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Energy Rich Snacks

Check out these healthy pregnancy snack ideas to boost your energy levels, packed with prenatal vitamins as well as being yummy!

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Power Porridge

Kick start your healthy pregnancy diet with this power porridge recipe. Packed with the best prenatal nutrients it will keep you going until lunch!

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Butternut Squash Dip

Looking for a tasty, healthy pregnancy snack? This butternut squash dip is full of prenatal vitamins; enjoy with veggie sticks for a perfect addition to your pregnancy diet!

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Beetroot Hummus

Need a healthy pregnancy snack? This beetroot hummus is full of prenatal vitamins and folates and a delicious addition to your pregnancy diet!

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Aubergine Dip (Eggplant!)

This aubergine dip is the perfect healthy pregnancy snack! it's easy to make and a delicious addition to your pregnancy diet!

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Baked peppers and tomatoes

Want a tasty, healthy pregnancy snack or lunch? This baked vegetables recipe is packed with prenatal nutrients for a delicious addition to your pregnancy diet!

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Homemade hummus

This recipe is ideal for your healthy pregnancy diet. Packed with protein and prenatal nutrients enjoy as a healthy snack or for a light lunch!

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Roasted pumpkin seeds

An alternative to crisps with extra nutrients for pregnant women - this tasty recipe is full of antioxidants and prenatal nutrients for a healthy snack!

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Carrot Hummus

A yummy snack or easy lunch that packs in essential nutrients? Carrot hummus is full of prenatal vitamins; enjoy with veggies for perfect addition to a healthy pregnancy diet!

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Anchovy bites

This is a tasty addition to your healthy pregnancy diet – they are ideal to use in vegetable dips so you can load your prenatal vitamins on something yummy!

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