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Pregnancy Pilates exercise routines

Pregnancy Pilates exercises

Inspired to include Pilates in your fit pregnancy? Click for our complete Pregnancy Pilates routines with exercises you can try at home to strengthen and tone your body!

Follow our Pregnancy Pilates routine with sequences that will engage and strengthen your core muscles including deep abdominals and pelvic floor, improve circulation and strength in  your legs in preparation for the birth of your baby and  encourage your body to feel more mobile.

Ideally you need a fit ball, non-slip padded mat, blocks,  a Pilates toning ball and a stretchy Pilates band. 

Get the look!

Choose comfortable, clothing that will stretch when you stretch.  Our Pregnancy Pilates models are wearing the FittaMamma Pregnancy Workout Support Top,  FittaMamma three-quarter supportive maternity capris and FittaMamma Maternity Yoga Pants.

Standing positions in pregnancy Pilates

Suffering from back ache in pregnancy? Pregnancy Pilates exercises can help loosen and strengthen your back as your baby grows, try them out here!

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Kneeling exercises in pregnancy Pilates

Kneeling exercises to include in your pregnancy Pilates routine! Work your core muscles, arms and pelvic floor in these safe pregnancy exercises

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Pregnancy Pilates exercises using a ball

Pregnancy Pilates on a fit ball for safe supported pregnancy workouts! These moves strengthen your core, work your legs, bums and target your pelvic floor

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Pregnancy Pilates exercises using bands

Ready to enhance your pregnancy Pilates workouts?! These resistance band exercises will help you work harder to tone and strengthen your arms and chest

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Side leg exercises for Pregnancy Pilates

Want to tone and strengthen your legs? These Pregnancy Pilates exercises target legs and bums AND your pelvic floor, perfect for your fit pregnancy!

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Wall slides for Pregnancy Pilates

Pregnancy Pilates exercises against a wall for a leg and bum toning workout that strengthens you. Include these for safe at home pregnancy workouts!

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