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Wall slide pregnancy Pilates

Pregnancy Pilates exercises wall slide

An easy exercise to get you started with pregnancy Pilates! Work your core and your pelvic floor in this move perfect for your pregnancy exercise routine!

Practising sliding against the wall can help to improve your pregnancy posture and encourage your spine and pelvis into the correct, neutral position, whilst providing support from the wall.

Stand about 30cms away from the wall, feet hip width apart and knees slightly bent.  Breathe in gently and as you breathe out use your deep tummy muscles to gently tilt your pelvis backwards a little, lengthening your lower back and imagining a heavy tailbone throughout.

Pregnancy Pilates wall slide

Breathe in and with your next breath out, draw up your pelvic floor muscles a little then slide a few centimetres down the wall, keeping your lower back and spine in the same place, not exaggerated or completely flattening out your lumbar spine curve.   Straighten your legs as you breathe in and repeat 6-8 times. Only go down as far as your hips remain above your knees. Remember you will feel more flexible because of your pregnancy hormones but don't be tempted to squat too long where you add pressure to your ligaments, joints and pelvic floor muscles

Step away from the wall and try to remember how your spine and pelvis feel.  Walk tall Mammas to help avoid pregnancy backache!

Pregnancy Pilates Wall slide

FittaMamma Tip! The FittaMamma maternity leggings help to support your bump and lower back, easing the extra weight of your growing baby and encouraging you to stand tall.

Inspired for your fit pregnancy? Download our free pregnancy workout guide below! 

Fit pregnancy guide

Fit pregnancy guide


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