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Exercise during pregnancy

Be proud of your fit pregnancy Mammas! Help us to make the world a fitter place with safe, beneficial exercise during pregnancy. Read more, start now!

Congratulations on your pregnancy!  We'd love you to help us in our quest to make the world a fitter place.   We truly believe that active mums raise active kids and a fit pregnancy is the best starting point!

Exercise during pregnancy will help you through all sorts of pregnancy niggles such as backache, varicose veins, heartburn and tiredness (yes, truly!).  It will encourage you to have a better night's sleep and make you feel more cheery.  Pregnancy exercise generally makes the birth process easier and speeds up recovery afterwards - and it will help you to manage a healthy weight gain during pregnancy. There are so many good reasons to enjoy a fit pregnancy!

Make the most of our safe pregnancy exercise advice, pregnancy workouts, prenatal yoga, exercise post pregnancy and more.  Enjoy, Mammas!


Pregnancy workouts!

Need advice for adapting your pregnancy workouts? Want to exercise safely? Need inspiration fro your active pregnancy? Read more here!

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Pregnancy exercise videos

Be inspired by our easy to follow pregnancy exercise videos! Workouts for all trimesters including pregnancy kettle bells, cardio and at home exercises!

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Pregnancy Yoga

Want to know the benefits of yoga during pregnancy? Or looking for pregnancy yoga poses you can practise at home? Click to read more on yoga for pregnant women!

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Pregnancy Pilates

Interested in including pregnancy Pilates to your exercise plans? Read on for the benefits to your active pregnancy and tips for getting started!

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Pregnancy Exercise Expert Centre

For most women the answer to is it safe to exercise when pregnant' is a resounding yes! Read more about safe exercise, the benefits, what's good and what to avoid

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Exercise post pregnancy

When you are ready here are some great postpartum exercises to start your post pregnancy workout plans. Read them here!

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Fit pregnancy guide


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