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Good posture in Pregnancy Pilates

Posture in pregnancy Pilates exercises

Posture is so important in pregnancy Pilates and during any pregnancy exercise! Read on for posture tips for pregnancy Pilates and any other workout

Moving and exercising with your body in good alignment is fundamental to pregnancy Pilates.  It relates to how you position your body during movement and when you are still – when your body is not properly aligned it can place additional strain on your joints, ligaments and muscles and lead to pregnancy backache and pelvic girdle pain.

Pregnancy Pilates posture

Good posture is so important during pregnancy!

As your body changes and your bump and boobs get bigger your centre of gravity shifts, combined with the release of the pregnancy hormone relaxin, softening your ligaments and exacerbating the pain and discomfort in your joints.   The natural tendency during pregnancy is often to let the pelvis tilt forward, curving the spine and putting additional strain on the lower back and abdominal muscles.  Effective pregnancy Pilates exercises will encourage you to stand tall and maintain a good posture when you're standing, sitting, walking or exercising during pregnancy.

Check your posture:

  1. Stand with your feet and legs directly under your hips, legs and feet parallel, knees and toes pointing forward
  2. Balance your weight by rocking gently backwards and forward on your feet until your weight is evenly balanced over the middle of your feet
  3. Lightly pull your core abdominal muscles inwards and upwards, engaging your pelvic floor muscles as well
  4. Try and keep your spine neutral without either pulling your pelvis in too far or letting it fall forward
  5. Relax your chest, ensuring it's neither pulled in or thrust out, at the same time relaxing your shoulders
  6. Your head and neck should feel completely supported with your gaze straight ahead, your throat open and your face relaxed

Standing with your back against a wall and your feet about 30cms in front, hip distance apart, can help you develop awareness of your posture during pregnancy.  Does your spine curve forward leaving a gap between the wall and your waist?  Do your shoulder blades rest gently against the wall or are they hunched forward?  Is your head touching the wall or balancing freely on the top of your spine? For more exercises try these Pregnancy Pilates Standing exercises

Advice and guidance prepared with Michelle at The Pilates Pod! 

For more pregnancy workout advice and tips for a healthy pregnancy download our free guide below!

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Fit pregnancy guide


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