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The benefits of pregnancy Pilates

Benefit of Pilates during pregnancy

Prenatal Pilates has so many benefits to keeping you healthy during pregnancy. It will keep you strong; help your pelvis and can avoid Diastasis recti

Pilates is a great exercise to do when you're pregnant, strengthening your deep abdominals pelvis, back and pelvic floor muscles without placing undue strain on your other joints. It is low impact and safely targets the specific key areas of the body that can be a problem in pregnancy, preparing your body for the birth of your baby and promoting a speedier recovery afterwards.

Benefits of pregnancy Pilates

Regular pregnancy Pilates will help:
  • Strengthen you core tummy muscles, making it easier to cope with the weight of your baby as it grows and reducing the effects of diastasis rectis (muscle separation).

Pilates for Distasis Recti

  • Strengthening the transversus abdominus (your deep abs) stabilises your back and pelvis, helping to alleviate pregnancy back pain.
  • Keeping the whole body moving with improve circulation, flexibility and improve posture
  • Research has shown that the correct activation of your pelvic floor muscles will keep them strong and supple for the birthing process and help to avoid stress incontinence.
  • Exercising your core muscles during pregnancy can promote better balance and improved posture
  • Strong core muscles will also help during the birth of your baby and promote a speedier recovery after the birth.
  • The hormone relaxin, released during pregnancy loosens the ligaments and can cause pelvic girdle and hip pain. The stretching and toning exercises involved in a pregnancy Pilates session will help to improve the flexibility of your whole spine, within a safe range of motion as well as strengthening the muscles to support the lumbar spine and pelvic area - an essential preparation for the birth of your baby.
  • Lateral breathing is key to Pilates fitness, improving the mobility of your rib cage and making breathing easier, especially in the third trimester when movement of your diaphragm becomes more limited as your baby gets bigger.
  • Exercises on your hands and knees take the strain off your back and pelvis and can also help encourage your baby into the right position.
  • Pregnancy Pilates can help you to relax, teaching you to focus and control your breathing and your mind which is hugely beneficial during labour.

There is no reason not to enjoy Pilates throughout your pregnancy but choose a certified Pregnancy Pilates instructor and make sure he or she is aware of your due date and the stage of your pregnancy. Matwork and machine work are both suitable during pregnancy, as long as modifications are made- remember, each pregnancy is individual!

Remember: Discuss any concerns you may have about your health, fitness and safe exercise during pregnancy with your midwife or doctor.

Benefits of pregnancy pilates

Thanks to Michelle Smith of The Pilates Pod for our pregnancy Pilates exercises and use of her studio for our lovely photos!

If you would like more inspiration for exercising during pregnancy download our safe pregnancy workout guide below to help you get started! 

Fit pregnancy guide

Fit pregnancy guide


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