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Why Pilates is so good for pregnant women

Why Pilates is good for pregnancy

There are so many reasons to include Pilates in your pregnancy exercise plans, it strengthens your body, keeps you toned and helps prepare for labour. Read more here!

Why is Pilates good for pregnant women? Pilates is a safe and effective approach to exercise for pregnant women.  It assists with breathing, body alignment, concentration, relaxation, stamina and co-ordination – all elements which will be beneficial during pregnancy, helping to prepare your body for birth and to recover your pre-baby body shape and tone postpartum.

Pilates Pre-pregnancy

  • Pilates can help prepare your body for pregnancy, encourage a healthy body weight, strong centre and promote a more relaxed and positive frame of mind

Pregnancy Pilates

  • Pilates helps your posture as your body changes during pregnancy, especially rounded shoulders as your breasts grow heavier and excessive lower back arching as the weight of your baby increases.
  • Pregnancy Pilates will improve your core strength, especially the muscles around your pelvis and spine which are so important as your baby develops and will help you to manage any niggling pregnancy backache and joint pain.
  • Pelvic floor exercises are so important for pregnant women - regular pregnancy Pilates sessions will encourage you to exercise and relax your pelvic floor regularly and effectively.
  • Pregnancy Pilates exercises will help prepare your body for the demands of labour
  • Circulation is improved with pregnancy Pilates,  helping to alleviate swollen ankles and other circulation issues in pregnancy
  • Learning breathing and relaxation techniques is a great benefit during the birth of your baby
  • Improving your overall strength and fitness during pregnancy is good for you and your baby
  • Regular exercise during pregnancy helps relieve stress and boost your mood
  • Staying fit during pregnancy encourages you to stay toned and maintain a healthy pregnancy weight gain – which is important for your baby as well as making it easier to regain your pre-baby shape after baby is born
  • You can continue modified pregnancy Pilates in a specialist class right up until baby arrives.

Why is Pilates good exercise for pregnant women

Pilates is safe and effective exercise option after your baby is born too, with many pelvic floor exercises encouraged in the early days. Always ensure you have had your postpartum check with a midwife and women's health physio to check for abdominal separation, pelvic floor weaknesses, prolapses or skeletal alignment issues before returning to Pilates.

Thanks to Michelle Smith of The Pilates Pod for our pregnancy Pilates tips and use of her studio for our lovely photos!

If you would like more inspiration for exercising during pregnancy download our safe pregnancy workout guide below to help you get started! 

Fit pregnancy guide

Fit pregnancy guide


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