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History of Pilates!

History of Pilates for health

Have you heard about Pilates but not sure about including it in your pregnancy exercise plans? Read more on the origins of Pilates and its many benefits!

Born in Germany, Joseph Pilates was a sickly child who grew up to study a variety of self-improvement disciplines to better himself and get him back to health including Zen Buddhism, yoga, watching how animals moved and the ancient Greek ideals of developing body, mind and spirit. He also studied anatomy and worked on his own physical skills to become a body-builder, boxer, gymnast, skier and diver. By the time he was 14 years old, he was fit enough to model for anatomical body charts.

Pilates for health and strength

Interned during WW1 he worked to help rehabilitate his fellow detainees, many of whom were suffering from physical injury and diseases, particularly the influenza epidemic.  With few resources available he developed a series of exercises and created resistance equipment from bed springs and beer keg rings – the unlikely forefathers of equipment currently used in Pilates exercise routines such as spring tensions, straps, the magic circle and supports for back, neck and shoulders.  

After the war, Joseph Pilates went to New York where he opened his first fitness studio in 1926, using his exercise apparatus and movement therapy exercises to rehabilitate athletes and dancers, many of whom who continued to use his methods to maintain their physical fitness.  He continued to train and teach at his Pilates studio until he died at the age of 83 – his wife Clara and some of his protégés continued his legacy and exercises by teaching others so that his dream for Pilates to be accessible to everyone could be achieved.

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