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Pregnancy Pilates

Pregnancy Pilates advice

Interested in including pregnancy Pilates to your exercise plans? Read on for the benefits to your active pregnancy and tips for getting started!

Pilates for pregnancy

Pilates is a great pregnancy workout targeting your core strength, pelvic floor muscles and flexibility!

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Why Pilates is so good for pregnant women

There are so many reasons to include Pilates in your pregnancy exercise plans, it strengthens your body, keeps you toned and helps prepare for labour. Read more here!

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Pregnancy Pilates exercise routines

Inspired to include Pilates in your fit pregnancy? Click for our complete Pregnancy Pilates routines with exercises you can try at home to strengthen and tone your body!

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The benefits of pregnancy Pilates

Prenatal Pilates has so many benefits to keeping you healthy during pregnancy. It will keep you strong; help your pelvis and can avoid Diastasis recti

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History of Pilates!

Have you heard about Pilates but not sure about including it in your pregnancy exercise plans? Read more on the origins of Pilates and its many benefits!

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Good posture in Pregnancy Pilates

Posture is so important in pregnancy Pilates and during any pregnancy exercise! Read on for posture tips for pregnancy Pilates and any other workout

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Everyday posture with pregnancy Pilates

Tips for using Pilates for a healthy pregnancy! Incorporate Pilates in to your everyday activities to strengthen your core and manage pregnancy discomfort!

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Tips for safe Pregnancy Pilates exercise

Tips for enjoying pregnancy Pilates safely! Practising Pilates at home or at a class is a great addition to your pregnancy exercise plans but keep these tips in mind!

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Wall slide pregnancy Pilates

An easy exercise to get you started with pregnancy Pilates! Work your core and your pelvic floor in this move perfect for your pregnancy exercise routine!

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Kneeling Pilates exercises for pregnancy

Easy exercise to get you started with pregnancy Pilates! Strengthen your core, back and pelvic floor in this exercise ideal for pregnancy fitness!

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