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Healthier treats!

Healthy pregnancy diet: treat recipes

Sometimes you need a treat! If you want yours to fit in your healthy pregnancy diet plans check out our yummy recipes that still pack in your prenatal vitamins!

Healthy Carrot & Nut Cake

A cake recipe that is packed with nutrients and is good for your healthy pregnancy diet? Try this amazing gluten and dairy free carrot and nut cake

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Chocolate brownie made with black beans!

Chocolate cravings but don’t want to ruin your healthy pregnancy diet?! Try these delicious brownies made with black beans for the perfect sweet treat!

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Almond & Fig Muffins

Try these delicious fig and almond muffins for a tasty healthy pregnancy snack! Yummy and will provide you with a vitamin E and calcium boost!

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Banana and nut cake

Looking for a yummy healthy snack? This banana and nut cake recipe will provide an energy boost as well as being a tasty addition your healthy pregnancy diet!

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Chai and Mango Pudding

Want a dessert to fit your healthy pregnancy diet? Try this mango & coconut chai recipe; it’s a simple and delicious addition for your healthy pregnancy!

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Energy Boosting Balls from Fit Bumps!

Want an energy boosting snack that fits with your healthy pregnancy diet? Try Fit Bumps yummy recipe for no bake energy balls, ideal pre-workout snack!

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FittaMamma’s Festive Figgy Baubles

Looking for a festive treat to fit your healthy pregnancy diet? These nut balls look good, taste amazing and packed with essential parental nutrients!

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Ice lolly packed with pregnancy vitamins!

Want a healthy treat for your pregnancy diet? Try these yummy fruit ice lollies they’re packed with prenatal vitamins and delicious snack for summer!

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Wholemeal ginger muffins

Looking for a convenient energy boosting snack for your pregnancy diet? Try this wholemeal ginger muffin recipe; simple, yummy and great for nausea!

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FittaMamma Energy Balls

Need a healthy pregnancy snack to fit in with your healthy diet? Try our energy balls, packed with nuts and fruit -perfect for a pregnancy workout boost!

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Apple and Oat Muffins

Want a pregnancy recipe that’ll give you an energy boost packed with prenatal vitamins?! Try these apple oat muffins for a tasty addition for your pregnancy diet

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Fruit & Nut Granola Bars

Want a healthy pregnancy snack? Check out these granola bars, an easy addition to your healthy pregnancy diet, filled with prenatal vitamins and delicious!

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Healthy Banana and Walnut Muffins

Want a healthy snack that’s also a treat?! These banana and walnut muffins will give you an energy hit as well as being a yummy edition your pregnancy diet!

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Pancake Day treats!

You can still include pancakes in your healthy pregnancy diet! Use this recipe and combine with nutritious filling for a light lunch or healthy pregnancy snack!

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Blueberry and Walnut Muffins

Looking for a healthy pregnancy snack? Try these blueberry muffins for an energy boost packed with prenatal vitamins! Click for the easy pregnancy recipe!

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Trail Mix

This recipe is a perfect addition to your pregnancy diet, it includes lots essential prenatal vitamins and minerals to make it an ideal healthy pregnancy snack!

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Chocolate and Beetroot cake

A chocolate treat to sweeten your pregnancy diet! This recipe uses beetroot to include pregnancy nutrition essential’s vitamin E, omega 3 and folic acid!

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Apple Bran Muffins

Need a healthy pregnancy snack or breakfast to go? This muffin recipe is a delicious and easy addition to your healthy pregnancy diet, with added bran for extra prenatal nutrients

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Spicy Sticky Gingerbread

Gingerbread to help with morning sickness! This recipe is a yummy healthy pregnancy snack to help with flagging energy for a healthy pregnancy

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