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Fit pregnancy? Go For It!

Exercise during pregnancy tips

Advice for maintaining your exercise during pregnancy, there are so many activities that you can enjoy as your bump gets bigger A fit pregnancy is a healthy pregnancy!

Pregnancy workouts with resistance training

Resistance training is great to include in your pregnancy workouts, read our tips for including in your safe pregnancy exercise plan here!

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Kettlebells for your pregnancy workout

Want to use weights during your pregnancy exercises? Read our tips for safe use of kettlebells for resistance training in pregnancy workouts!

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Spinning during pregnancy

Spinning and cycling are great ways to continue to exercise during pregnancy, read our tips for enjoying your spin classes for a fit pregnancy!

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Cycling is great for a fit pregnancy! It's a low impact cardio that includes lots of fresh air and vitamin D, just make sure you wear a helmet!

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Running while pregnant

Running while pregnant is easy and a great way to enjoy a fit pregnancy, read our advice on safe prenatal running here!

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Swimming and Aqua Aerobics

Pregnancy workouts in water – swimming and aqua aerobics give a total body workout while being an incredibly safe exercise option!

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Walking during pregnancy

Walking is great pregnancy exercise option! Even if you can only find half an hour a day you can build up a pace or even include weights for a super fit pregnancy

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Zumba in pregnancy

If you enjoy Zumba there is no reason to give it up - its a great way to keep up your pregnancy fitness!

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Fit pregnancy guide


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