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Pregnancy Yoga

Yoga for pregnant women

Want to know the benefits of yoga during pregnancy? Or looking for pregnancy yoga poses you can practise at home? Click to read more on yoga for pregnant women!

Yoga for pregnant women is a gentle and beneficial way to keep fit. It has all the advantages of stretching with the added bonus of calming the mind and preparing your body for labour. You'll find the breathing techniques you practise during a yoga session so helpful when you give birth and you'll be glad of the improvements to your strength and flexibility as well.

Yoga in pregnancy promotes health and well-being, is great for alleviating stress and tension, improves your circulation and releases endorphins to make you feel good too!

Pregnancy Yoga videos

Want to see our best pregnancy yoga poses in action? Click here to see some of our favourite pregnancy yoga sequences!

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Yoga poses with extra care

Some pregnancy yoga poses need extra care, read here which yoga poses pregnant women should avoid when practicing yoga during pregnancy!

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Yoga poses to help

Pregnancy yoga can help you enjoy a happy, healthy pregnancy. Read more for what poses can help make pregnancy more enjoyable!

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Busy Mamma's pregnancy yoga

Looking for easy pregnancy yoga poses? Want your healthy pregnancy to include pregnancy yoga but not in a class? Use our easy prenatal yoga pose guide here!

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Benefits of pregnancy yoga

Wondering about the benefits of yoga for pregnant women? Looking for yoga poses to help you have a healthy pregnancy? Read more here!

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Our Pregnancy Yoga Expert!

Meet our prenatal yoga expert Clare! Clare is a specialist pregnancy and postnatal yoga instructor and working to help you enjoy a healthy pregnancy

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Fit pregnancy guide


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