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Pregnancy Exercise Expert Centre

Advice for your fit pregnancy

For most women the answer to is it safe to exercise when pregnant' is a resounding yes! Read more about safe exercise, the benefits, what's good and what to avoid

Benefit of exercise during pregnancy

There are so many benefits to exercising during pregnancy from preparing for labour to better sleep. Read more about why it's good to stay active...

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Expert advice to help you shop for Maternity Gymwear

Wearing specialist maternity workout clothes will help you stay active though your pregnancy with comfort and confidence. Your body is changing so much, look after it!

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Safe exercise in pregnancy

Simple ways to make sure you exercise safely during pregnancy so you can get the most out of staying active and strong until labour!

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Managing temperature for Safe pregnancy exercise

If you are concerned about overheating during your pregnancy workouts and want to know more on avoiding this read on for your safe pregnancy exercise guide!

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SPD and exercise during pregnancy

SPD in pregnancy can be painful but here are some pregnancy workouts with easy exercises that can help with the pain

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Can I go running when pregnant?

Running while pregnant is a great cardio to include in your pregnancy workout plans. Follow these guidelines for a safe fit pregnancy!

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Fit ball for a fit pregnancy!

A fit ball is a great for pregnancy workouts, it even works your core and your pelvic floor. A fit pregnancy must have!

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Can pregnant women still use the gym?

Read our tips for safe pregnancy gym workouts for your happy fit pregnancy!

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Fit pregnancy guide


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