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Maternity Fitness Capri
Overall Mamma Rating XXXXX

Anonymous, Comfortable Capris

I find these very comfortable and supportive, although I'm a runner and I expected them to be made of the same type of material as my normal run leggings, but they are cotton. Also I would have liked a little zipped pocket at the back or side to put a key or phone in whilst running

Anonymous, So supportive

I love the fittamamma clothes. I wore the pink running top and the capri pants right up until I had my son and will wear them for support when I start running again.

Anonymous, Great product

These have been great in the gym, wearing them over my bump and feeling much more supported!

Anonymous, Comfy and supportive

I've just tried these for the first time and they are great - fantastically comfortable, stretch where you need them to, and bump coverage is great.

Anonymous, Really comfy

These are great - the panel comes right up over your bump so you don't get a gap when you're exercising. They're very stretchy so I'm happy that they'll last right through my pregnancy.

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