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Returning to running safely after having your baby!

Post pregnancy running tips!

Marathon Runner Jo continued to run throughout her pregnancy, missing her final 10k race because her baby arrived two weeks early. Now Ace is six months old she shares her postnatal running tips, just weeks before her first postnatal marathon.

1) Ease back into fitness slowly after the birth of your baby especially if you haven't done much exercise in pregnancy. Lots of fast and long buggy walks are great at first and spinning is also good as it's low impact. 

2) If it feels more comfortable at first use the gym rather than outdoor running. That way you can use the loo or stop when you've had enough! 

3) In the early days if you're not getting a lot of sleep it's probably best not to run...but walk instead. I forced myself into running when exhausted and started to aggravate old injuries (your energy levels affect your running form, which can lead to problems) 

4) Be prepared to do a lot of strength training too…especially with glutes and core muscles, although you'll need to adapt your workout if you have diastasis recti – avoid abdominal or oblique curls and sit ups until your muscles have returned to normal. The body is not the same post baby and not as strong. I spend about half an hour most days working on these to avoid injury (hopefully) 

5) Don't worry about pace or distance. Set your sights low and rest assured you will get your fitness back, it just takes patience!

 6) Rope in a friend! My friend had a baby a similar time to me and once a week we watch both babies while the other runs, and vice versa. That way we can go out in the light and get our workouts done before the hectic night time routine begins! 


7) Don't expect to get straight back into your pre-pregnancy fitnesswear. The FittaMamma fitnesswear will hold your ‘mummy tummy' and still look good after your baby is born. The same goes for shoes as you may find your old ones don't fit correctly. Probably a good time to visit a decent running shop and get them measured and your gait analysed to make sure you have the most suitable shoes. 

8) Sign up for a race! Give yourself a few months to train and just think of it as a target not a chance to go for a pb. You're more likely to go out and run if you have a target to aim for. 

9) Stretch!! Try and remember to warm up and stretch as ligaments are more vulnerable post baby.

10) Have fun and do what you can. You will have plenty of time to exercise as your baby grows so just try and do little and often :)

 Jo wore FittaMamma Capris to support her baby bump whilst she was running when pregnant, teamed with a Me & My Baby Running Together vest top. Motivate your pregnant running and share Jo's look.



If you have any doubts about your health or postnatal recovery consult your health professional before embarking on a new exercise programme.

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