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Pregnancy fitness after IVF

Pregnancy fitness after IVF

IVF Mumma's Call to Arms...

 Pregnancy fitness after IVF FWhere do I begin, you see the thing is with IVF it doesn't just start when the needle enters your tummy and you begin injecting those hormones into your body to try and grow follicles that will eventually one day become a baby, or at least you hope and pray one of them will. I think IVF starts when you first realise that getting pregnant, something that for so long you have avoided just doesn't happen when you start to try, and try and try, and try and cry- a lot. I used to think IVF stood for I'Ve Failed, because that's how I felt. I'd failed at being a woman, as one of the most basic things a woman does is produce children, to be fertile, to mother and nurture, it's written in our DNA, we were designed to make life, and I failed, if I couldn't do that well I wasn't a woman, just a stupid little girl. 

But when it does miraculously work we need to let go of these negative feelings and emotions and really embrace pregnancy, and that includes staying fit and healthy. Do I feel guilty about exercising when I know i'm pregnant... no. But I do remember watching that little miracle being put inside of me and being paranoid that if I stood up too quickly it would fall out. And that, that is where I think I was lucky because when I said this to the nurse she laughed. But it is what she said next that made all the difference to me ... 

'Once it's in, it's up to it, there's very little you can do, it's down to nature, live your life as normally as possible, obviously don't go out and run an Iron Woman, but keep doing what you're doing and keep moving. To go against your nature will just stress you out and that's not good for a possible pregnancy.' 

That two week wait was utter hell, but I didn't put my feet up and rest, I know that will make some of you gasp in horror, and I know that will enrage some people and disgust others, but I carried on with my job as a fitness instructor, I even focused on finishing my inhouse cycling assessment for the gorgeous Soho Farmhouse. Did I feel guilty, yes, I guess I did, but I also knew I had to be true to myself and to stress and be miserable I believe would have created a toxic environment for buglet. My reasoning is simple: my body was used to the exercise, it was like brushing my teeth, and that is my reasoning now. 

pregnancy fitness after IVF


I made it, I was extremely lucky and am growing a baby and I am utterly determined to treat it as a normal baby. I feel like there is a huge fear amongst us that have had IVF and a desire to wrap our babbas' in cotton wool as it has been such a journey to get to this point, but if we begin this now before baby is even in the world, what on earth will we be like when baby arrives? I don't want to be a nervous wreck for the rest of my life, I want to be a mother and a happy one, and I have to trust that my baby knows best and up to a point nature will decide. 

I also know how important it is to stay fit and the huge benefits for my growing baby. Exercise is proven to create a healthier environment for a growing foetus, to ease the negative symptoms of pregnancy and to make birth an easier experience, obviously subject to other factors. It's also something we can do together, and something that we can continue once baby is born.

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Be proud, IVF mumma's, don't feel like you're any less than those for who it has happened naturally, think of it as just a different road, and ours involved a bit of a detour along the way. Put on your FittaMamma kit, where a slogan tee with pride and go out and show the world you're not afraid any more, you're not a scared little girl, you're going to be a Mumma, and a damn good one.

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