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FittaMamma fit pregnancy experts

FittaMamma founderFittaMamma was launched to help Mammas-to-be.  Wonderful, inspirational Mammas (just like you!) who are nurturing a new human being and want to give that special individual the best possible start in life.

I'm passionate about encouraging women to stay fit during pregnancy, keeping active and choosing a well-balanced nutritional pregnancy diet. 

Benefit your baby and benefit you too!

The FittaMamma Story

Of course, it started with a pregnancy!  I was so excited when I learned I was to become an aunt for the first time and was determined to help support my sister-in-law in her aim to stay fit and active. 

But I stumbled at the first hurdle.  Where in the world could I find maternity fitnesswear that would look good and support my sister-in-law's growing baby bump?  And despite hours of searching I couldn't find an accessible one-stop website with information about exercise in pregnancy, prenatal yoga, pregnancy Pilates and good down to earth advice about pregnancy nutrition.

Yet the more I learned about pregnancy and exercise the more I understood the importance of staying fit and looking after yourself – for both mother and baby.

And I realised the only way to conclude my search was to meet the need myself - not just for my sister-in-law but for all those other Mammas-to-be that wanted to stay fit during pregnancy.  They needed and DESERVED stylish supportive maternity activewear that would make them feel good about choosing an active pregnancy.  And providing the information to support this was an essential part of what I wanted to do.

The next step was to reach out to experts in all the different fields where I needed support. Experts in clothing design, experts in pre and post natal fitness, experts in prenatal yoga, pregnancy Pilates and nutrition for pregnant women.  I spoke to midwives and enlisted the help of numerous pregnant women to test the clothes.  And of course I welcomed the input and support from family and friends to test and try the recipes.  I was so excited when FittaMamma was born and we could start supporting pregnant women on their nine month journey.

The ethos is simple but so important.


Love your body, love your baby and love the benefits that exercise brings!  Exercise helps prepare your body for the biggest physical challenge of your life, eases pregnancy discomforts such as backache and tiredness, improves your mood and is positive for your baby too.  Go Mammas go!!! Try and fit in those 30 minutes of exercise every day and if you already exercise regularly, keep moving! Exercise is good for you and good for your baby. What's not to love about staying fit during pregnancy?

 Not sure where to start? Or what exercise is safe? can help!


You're nurturing a new human being – it's a wonderful, important and special experience that is shared by so many yet at the same time wholly unique to you.  We'd love to help you to give your baby the best possible start in life.  Click on the FittaMamma website and keep coming back for guidance about pregnancy nutrition, easy peasy healthy recipes, answers to your questions about safe pregnancy exercise and ever increasing information about different ways to stay fit during pregnancy.

It's not just about nurturing your baby – you deserve to be nurtured too!  It's win, win all round - happy, active mums raise happy, active kids!


We hope you'll enjoy the support FittaMamma provides for all Mammas-to-be.  We're always adding more exercises, recipes and information to our website. 

And don't miss out on the support our clothes offer too – the FittaMamma range was created to hold and support your baby bump. 

Cherish your beautiful pregnancy body and support your bump with clothes that hold it securely and comfortably whatever level of activity you enjoy.  FittaMamma clothes are carefully designed to look good, feel good and to make you feel better for the support!

Move. Nurture.  Support

And if you want something to refer to when you are not online click to download a copy of the FIttaMamma fit pregnancy guide below!


Fit pregnancy guide

Fit pregnancy guide


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